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Features of Yahoo Mail


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Yahoo Mail is a free email service developed by Yahoo. It is a web-based email service. It is one of the best mail service platforms. It is one of the oldest networks in providing telecommunications and marketing services. Yahoo provides storage capacity of 25 GB so that the data which is stored online on Yahoo can be used anywhere online. While using yahoo service sometimes the user has to face many problems. These problems can’t be solved by the user. In that situation, you are free to call Yahoo Customer Service. We have the best team of technicians which provide 24*7 service.

Yahoo mail is an extra friendly and easy to use application of Yahoo. Yahoo Mail makes sending, receiving, and managing messages simple and efficient to the users. Yahoo mail as popular as the Gmail service. Yahoo has been one of the best and most credible E-mail application of modern era. There are some unique features of Yahoo which make it different from other mail services. Yahoo mail has many advantages and longtime excellent functionality. Some of the features of yahoo mail service are listed below:-

1. Yahoo services are not only by email, it provides other interesting services like Yahoo answers, group chats, search engine, and messenger etc.

2. Anyone can compose emails from the Yahoo search box. When we type !mail abc@pqr.com in yahoo search box than it composes a message in yahoo mail related to your search.

3. Yahoo provides data storage capacity up to 25 GB. These stored data can be used anywhere in the worldwide online. It includes there documents, images, folders etc.

4. Yahoo mail saves all the contact online with Yahoo contact feature and also set notifications for important dates and event with the help of Yahoo calendar feature if you want.

5. Yahoo saves unwanted mail data for maximum 90 days and after that, it will be deleted automatically.

6. One can search their favorite websites from Yahoo by using Yahoo search box.

Yahoo users have seen some issues that are beyond their troubleshoot mechanisms. So if you are facing some query then you call for an expert solution of Yahoo Customer Service.