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Our team is providing help to all the AVG users if they ran into any problem and not able to do anything. Our support team is available 24/7 to help you out with your AVG related issues with the easy and fast solutions.
AVG antivirus
AVG is an antivirus which is used to protect your system form any kind of damage that can be caused by virus, malwares, Trojans and latest security threats. It is free and full of features for your protection.
Features of AVG
AVG provides a lot of main features which are not only helpful in protecting your system but also increasing its efficiency. Some of the features are:
•fast and real time updates
•web tune up tool
•System optimization
•Protection from latest security threats
•Enhanced firewall
•Disk cleaner

Problems with AVG
1.Sometimes, you are not able to install the setup.
This can be due to the user permission, you might not be the system administrator that why you’re not able to access the installation wizard of the AVG setup

2.Setup.exe extraction fails
Even if you are the system administrator you’re still not able to install the setup of AVG, this can be due to you have not downloaded the setup file properly or you have downloaded the setup file over slow internet connection this results in the missing files or corrupted files.

3.AVG isn’t working
When you try to access and it suddenly stopped working. This usually happens because of not having enough space in Ram or for no reason it just stopped working. It’s not that big issue it will work starting the antivirus again.

4.AVG freezes on start
AVG suddenly freezes without any error, this can be because of its is colliding with other apps or they are too many processes running in the background

5.AVG is colliding with other applications
This issue mostly arises when you’re using more than one antivirus in your system they keep colliding with each other and thus fails to operate normally.
Solutions for issues
You should visit us at http://supportnumbers.net/avg-support/ for help and proper assistance on the issue. You can call us anytime we will be there to help you. Our AVG support team works day and night to provide you best service..
Why should you choose us?
•Huge team to help
•Fast service
•Always available
•24/7 support

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