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Acer Laptop Adapter Repair


Acer Laptop Adapter Repair there are some easy way to solve this type of problem in Acer Laptop Adapter.

Required Tools : Wire Cutter, Stripper, Utility Knife, Hot Glue Gun, Super Glue, Soldering Iron.Heat Shrink Tubing or Electrical Tape (not pictured).

Set Up and Evaluation:-Chisel,Hacksaw,Electrical tape(or shrink tubing),wire cutters and/strippers,flat head screwdriver(preferable sharp-ish and wire-ish),Optional: two monkey wrenches for prying.
Break the Box:-It tool many techniques to figure out how the adapter box.The plastic was too weak to crack open w/just a screwdriver.It just scratched with pressure,while the seam remained. The plastic shell(not any further than the thickness of the plastic).
This is the precious inside.top view and bottom view.I pretty must did not open up any further than tis and I tried to avoid any damage to any parts inside.

Fixing the Cord:-The Cord was coiled up slightly inside the box.I pulled it all the way.Cut the cord at the end of the rubber spring thing (aka “strain relief”) where the cord was breaking. Then I tried stripping off the “strain relief”w/pliers that did not work.

Reparing the cable: So you know there is a short is a short-circuit somewhere in the cable… but where ? The best way is to cut away the last part near the black box,right after that kind of black plastic spring that should help to preserve the cable from broking. If problem is in the cable,you be it is some where in that critical zone.Check with masterful if now is ok cut another few centimeters and test again.

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Acer Laptop Adapter Repair



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